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Sometimes it’s worth waiting a year before pulling the trigger

There are a lot of factors that can impact your deer management: weather, habitat quality, neighbors, road kills, poachers, disease and even your fellow hunt club members. However, if you will use your trail cameras to intensively scout your property…

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Marking Gun-in-Hand – John Holzaepfel

Excerpt : For a consulting forester, perhaps the best equivalent of the axe is the tree marking gun & paint. With it, we can impact the forested landscape for years if not decades to come.  Read Full Article  

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What’s in a Title (& how might a young adult get one)? – John Holzaepfel

Excerpt: Why can this be important? One reason is that in Florida, anyone can use the business title of Forester or Wildlife Biologist even if they have no formal training or experience.  Our neighboring states have Registered Forester laws; you…

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It’s the Things You Don’t See – Eric H. Hoyer

Excerpt: I have come to suspect that, more often than not, it is non-living or abiotic factors that often result in tree decline or death.   These factors are often manifested by declining or yellowing foliage, dieback of the branches, or…

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Fall Colors in Florida – Yes, We Have Some (You Just Have to Look a Bit Harder) – Eric Hoyer

Excerpt: I’ve only lived in Citrus County for 3 ½ years but I have learned that a good percentage of residents are from places such as Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan.   I am originally from western New York (Buffalo) so…

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