Environmental Services, a division of Natural Resource Planning Services, provides land management and environmental expertise to a variety of clients in multiple industries, including land development, ecosystem restoration, mitigation banking, conservation lands management, and other land entitlement programs in Florida and the Southeast.  We are dedicated to providing landowners the opportunity to realize the economic potential of their property and natural resources while maintaining the ecological integrity of the landscape.

Services Include

  • Threatened and Endangered Species and Habitat Management
  • Wetland Delineation, Restoration, Monitoring, and Enhancement
  • Conservation Easement and Mitigation Bank Consulting and Management
  • Avian Monitoring and Gopher Tortoise Management
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Vegetation Management


Staff possess many years of experience working for and with state and federal regulatory bodies as well as private entities.  Our staff include certified prescribed burn managers, authorized gopher tortoise agents, certified arborists, licensed pesticide/herbicide applicators, and certified wildlife biologists.

Current and Past Clients

Pinellas County Utilities

For over 20 years, staff provided wildlife management at the county-owned 12,378 acre Cross Bar – AL BAR Ranch located in Pasco County, FL.  This included scrub jay habitat management, as well as southeastern kestrel, burrowing owl, wading birds, and sandhill crane monitoring.

FL Department of Environmental Protection

Staff have assisted the DEP in ecosystem restoration projects on public lands around the state focused mostly on invasive species management, as well as performing ecological and timber inventories.

Various Mitigation Banks

Our staff have performed land management activities for mitigation banks around the state, including timber sales, prescribed burns, vegetation management via mechanical treatment and herbicide application, and threatened and endangered wildlife surveys.

Mosaic Fertilizer

ES staff are MSHA-certified and have performed timber inventories, harvests, and reforestation projects on mine sites for Mosaic in Central Florida.

Staff Locations

San Antonio, FL:  (352) 588-2580

Lake City, FL:  (386) 438-5896