Urban Forest Assessment Project

Orange County Government is working in cooperation with Legacy Arborist Services to conduct an ecological assessment of the trees and woodlands that make up Orange County’s urban forest.  Several hundred plots will be sampled over the next few months to gather information on the current condition and extent of Orange County’s urban forest.  Your property has been randomly selected to be part of this project.

Because part or all of a plot falls on your property, we are requesting permission to access your yard.  If you provide approval, we will remind you the week before we plan to visit your property.  Once there, we will record species, size, and crown coverage information for each tree that falls within the plot.  The measurements will not harm the trees in any way and we will make every effort to leave no trace of our work.  We will be visiting during weekday work hours.  You do not need to be present or prepare for our visit in any way.

Please contact the project team leader with Legacy Arborist Services, Erin Givens, at 352-588-2580, or ering@nrpsforesters.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

*Your trees count!  Please complete the information below: